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Best Vacation Destination in South America

Looking for an exciting new vacation destination? Look no further than Florianopolis, Brazil.

Florianopolis is a charming island located two hours south of the famous Rio de Janeiro. Florianopolis is blessed with 42 beautiful beaches, one more eye pleasing than the next, and with styles and atmospheres to fit every taste imaginable. In addition, the island is blessed with soft white sand dunes, rolling green hills and crystalline lagoons. Truly a nature lover's paradise, one can continuously find new treasures on the island.

Out of island's many beaches, there are over 20 high quality surf breaks, providing almost unlimited choices and variety for visiting surfers, and as such is known as the surf capital of Brazil. The WCT Pro Tour (the highest level surf competition in the world) has only 12 stops around the globe, and the only one in all of South America is in Florianopolis. So if the waves are good enough for Slater, Irons & co., Then that is already a pretty good sign!

In addition to the island's stunning natural beauty, visitors will also be astounded by the amazing dining and nightlife options on the island, some of South America's best, as well as the broad array of outdoor activities available for sporting enthusiasts and fine shopping for the shop -a-holics. Completely safe (unlike Brazil's largest urban mega-centers such as Sao Paulo and Rio), Florianopolis has retained the feel of a sleepy beach town despite being a state capital and having grown quite a bit in its own right after landing on the international radar screen just a few short years ago.

The "magic island" as many refer to it has an uncanny effect of enchanting visitors from around the globe, many of what leave with dreams of coming back – not just to visit, but to live!

Recently named by Newsweek international as one of the world's "top 10 most dynamic cities", Florianopolis truly has something to offer for anyone. So if you're looking for travel ideas, mark this one on the top of the list!

As far as the best ways to see Florianopolis if you're coming from the United States or Europe, consider these two options:

For those interested in full service surf / adventure tours which also include guided nightlife access, the best choice is Nexus Surf. Visit .

For those looking for deluxe to high-end accommodations in the best location on the island (remember, there are 42 beaches to choose from, so choose wisely!), Floripa Vacation Homes offers an excellent selection of well-maintained private residences and also provides a number of auxiliary services to complete your stay on the island, including concierge services to help you find exactly what you're looking for in terms of activities, services, dining and nightlife!

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