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Napa Wine Tour: A Beautiful Journey Into The Dreamland Of The World's Best Wineries

A tour to Napa valley is a dream come true to every food connoisseur. It is an exciting holiday destination and is also America's capital for gourmet wine and food. For a wine connoisseur and person who loves exotic holiday destinations, a Napa wine tour is an exciting trip that should be included in his / her travel itinerary.

Napa valley is located in California. It is the second most visited tourist destination after Disneyland. This valley offers panoramic views and is one of the best places to unveil the tradition of wine making. This would be a unique opportunity to outlook the best wineries in the world surrounded by natural beauty, luxurious spas and the finest restaurants. Napa valley tour also provides you a chance to pay a visit to the historical treasures of Napa valley like Beringer Vineyards, the oldest operating winery in this valley and the home of Christian Brothers which is now the American Culinary Institute.

To know more about the cutting edge technology in making wine, you must also visit the Robert Mondovi winery. It is suggested that you customize your tour package, if you are really looking for a strictly personal experience at wineries. This option can provide you a chance to meet a few small family-owned wineries of Napa valley, where the owner can guide you and provide information about the vineyard and the process of making wine. Napa valley tours also offer a single day package and you also have the facility to extend this trip into an enjoyable stay.

Several types of accommodations can be availed and accommodation can be arranged easily with the help of a tour guide. If you are planning for a long Napa valley tour, then you must visit some beautiful small quaint towns such as Yountville, Oakville, Calistoga, Rutherford. Calistoga is a famous tourist spot for medicinal waters and spa treatments. One of the latest tourist attractions is the American Center for wine, Arts and Food, where you get a chance to know about the latest wine making techniques and can also purchase the best wine. Napa wine tour is a must for those who want to make a career in wine industry.It also offers a peak into the world of wineries and the processes involved in making a glass of delicious rich wine.

These winery tours also offer tasting sessions of wine, where a winery personnel can help you understand the color, texture, aroma and the taste of wine.

This tour is a must for a regular tourist and also for people who are seriously interested in making a career in wine industry. Although Napa valley is fabulous throughout the year, the best time to plan your trip to this wine country would be during the season of grape picking and crushing.

Source by Prathima Varma

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