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North India Tours: 5 Most Visited Destinations

The Northern part of India is one of the most visited tourism zones of the country for it is also the most captivating of them all. Diverse terrain ranging from snowy peaks to flat plains, a horde of cultures, astonishing historical heritage and more, and the region is highly intriguing to a variety of travelers. While on North India tours one can explore a world full of charming historic heritage and awe inspiring cultures and geographical treasures. There is a variety of sites to choose from for tours to North India each with a distinguishing character which adds charm to these North India tour packages.

Amongst the best below are mentioned 5 of the most visited destinations on North India tours:

Delhi: Delhi is the national capital of India and that is an important political center of the country. With a long history of mighty kings and prosperous dynasties, Delhi today flaunts its historical monuments. At the same time with technological advancement the city has also evolved as a glitzy metropolis with new hotel, infrastructure, restaurants, pubs, educational institutions, IT companies etc. Its popular markets are slowly picked up by sprawling dogs, but people still love to gorge upon food at street side vendors. Thus a mix of paradoxes, Delhi is intriguing in its own unique way.

Varanasi: Charismatic and spiritual bathing ghats of Varanasi are lining the banks of holy River Ganges. One of the holiest places in India, Varanasi is where Hindu pilgrims come to take a dip in the Ganges to wash away their sins and to cremate their loved ones. This magical land where intimate ceremonies of life or death take place are best looked up from a boat ride on the river.

Agra: One of the must visit places for all those on North India tours, Agra acquired world fame for its terrific architecture. The city is most renamed for housing one of the Seven World Wonders, Taj Mahal and other UNESCO World Heritage Sites such as Agra Fort and Fatehpur Sikri.

Shimla: Located amidst the mighty peaks of Himalayas in Himachal Pradesh, Shimla in all its ways is a quintessential hill station. Both domestic and international travelers flank the soothing hilly retreat to have a breath of fresh air and to escape summers in the mid of a charming English ambiance with towering Victorian style edifices at the backdrop.

Ladakh: Made of mountains and sheer walls of rock, Ladakh is a barren land located in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. Narrow strips of greenery are where its populace resides while rest of the mountains and glaciers and barren landscape has been home to one of the last undisturbed Buddhist populations. Ladakh gives way to some of the most breathtaking and challenging trekking routes and is also particularly famous among biker groups who love to travel the indefinable Ladakh.

Each of the above mentioned regions comprises of a unique character which identifies it from the rest. These diverse facades of North India tours are both bewildering and inspiring in their own ways and thus are loved by a horde of travelers visiting the region each year.

Source by Surya Prakash Mishra

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