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Taba Heights Tours – Cairo

Tours from Taba Heights – Cairo

The unique location of Taba Heights on the Red Sea Riveria lets you visit some of the most stunning historical sites in the world. Taba Heights is a beach front resort surrounded by the Sinia Mountains, where you can view Israel, Jordan and Saudi Arabia across the Red Sea. The 4.2 million square feet development has 5 km of beaches where 4 world class 5 star hotels are located. The beachfront leads to the Red Sea and a whole new underwater world to explore.

Cairo tour

Tours from Taba Heights to Cairo are offered with the options of a 1, 2 or 3 days with a guide who is a qualified Egyptologist. Cairo is a 5 hour drive away and the trip usually starts very early in the morning, with a spectacular view driving through the stunning Sinai Desert as the sun rises. An alternative is to fly from Taba Airport and will still involve an early start.

Depending on the tour company you arrange your trip with will depend on what you get to see, although the guides are usually very accommodating and will deviate if there is something in particular you wish to see. The tour will usually include a trip to the Egyptian National Museum, which houses over 120,000 historical artefacts. The museum together with expert information given by your tour guide will give a great insight into the history of the great Egyptian leaders and the chance to see great relics such as those from Tutankhamun's tomb. A trip to the Papyrus institute is usually included in the agenda where you will be given a demonstration of the ancient art of making paper from the papyrus leaves and a chance to purchase decorative Papyrus artwork. The word Papyrus is where the English word "Paper" comes from.

The Great Pyramids and the Sphinx are the number one attraction in Egypt and all tour companies will include a visit in the Itinerary. Upon visiting you will understand why they are one of the wonders of the world, an awe inspiring sight so make sure that your camera is fully charged and you have plenty of room on your memory card. Depending on the duration of your tour you may get the chance to see Sakkara the oldest Pyramid in Egypt built in 2650 BC. Other places you may get the chance to visit include Khan el-Khalili Bazaars, where you can haggle for all your souvenirs in colorful surroundings, Mephis the ancient city of Egypt, the Citadel of Salah el Din, Mosque and Madrassa.

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