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Top Beautiful Islands in the World (3)

Seychelles — the Fairyland in the World

Who can imagine that this beautiful land was ever part of the main land and then formed into several separated islands because of the crustal movement. It is the only one granite island group in the world. Here, you can enjoy bright sunshine, fresh air, white sand and beautiful beaches. Seychelles contains many islands which look like a shiny jades on green carpet.

1. Sea coconut

Here there exists special sea coconut which is the heaviest fruit in the world. It is regarded as the national treasure of Seychelles. The male tree and female tree grow side by side with their roots combined with each other. If you cut down one of them, the other one will die too. To cut down sea coconut tree or pick up its fruit are prohibited by the government. If a visitor wants to take away sea coconut, he should hold the certificate of authority issued by local government.

2. Elephant tortoise

Here, you can have a chance to see the oldest elephant tortoise. It has been listed on the World Guinness Book of Records. There are also small fogs, wingless birds and flytrap that do not exit in other places. Also, there is a large lagoon surrounded by atoll reef. It has been inscribed on the world heritage list of UNESCO.

3. The most luxury hotel

Seychelles owns two kinds of top luxury hotels — North Island Hotel and Fregate Holiday Inn. Both of them are regarded as the most expensive hotels in the world. Here in Seychelles, you can enjoy the hospitality and friendship of Creole people. It is said that there are treasures there. A large number of hikers and explorers go there for adventure, hoping to find the secrets of this sea island. Seychelles is also a famous fishing place with distinctive natural scenery. You can choose to go fishing on the abrupt slope or just beside the shore. You may get many different kinds of fish like makaria, black marlin, sailfish, tuna, dorado etc

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