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Camila Cabello – Inside Out (Never Be The Same Tour, Vancouver)

First off, I missed the first few seconds of the song because I stopped and restarted recording, (but only a very small amount at least.) Second, I tried everything I could to get it better quality color and edited it heavily to achieve something that looked somewhat decent. Unfortunately, I was using Auto mode for the beginning of the concert and learned the hard way that to get the quality you want, especially for something like this, it has to be in Pro mode with your own custom settings. The highlights were so blown out that there was nothing I could do to recover them, but I was able to get everything else looking better overall. So, although it is nowhere near perfect, at least it gives a taste of what she was like live and up close! (I so wish I could have captured this in Pro mode, or on my camera!)

This is Camila Cabello performing her song ‘Inside Out’ live at The Orpheum, Vancouver, BC on April 9th, 2018, the opening show of her first solo tour, the Never Be The Same Tour.


(All my concert footage I personally recorded and am only uploading to promote the artists in question. I am not doing it for monetary gain and claim no copyright on the content of the recordings. If you own the rights to the media used in the video and have a problem with it being uploaded on my channel, please contact me through YouTube, E-Mail, or Twitter.)


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