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Normani – Waves (Sweetener World Tour, Vancouver)

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So, unfortunately for Normani, she had a ‘wardrobe malfunction’ during this song. She didn’t stop the song and luckily for her she was able to figure out a way to deal with it, using her long hair. The one strap on her top either broke or came loose, which is why you can see a strap hanging down for part of the song. If you are wondering why she kept her left hand over her heart, the reason is because she was trying to hold her top in place, using her hair as added coverage. It may or may not have led to her doing the routine for the song exactly as she had expected, but the fact that she continued on, adjusted and still gave a good show was both brave and impressive. I had wondered during the song why her hand was kept there, but it wasn’t until just before the next song when she actually told the audience she had had a ‘wardrobe malfunction’ and didn’t want everyone to see her ‘goodies’ that it was made clear. For anyone wondering, if there had been any ‘exposure’ I would have either censored it out or not released this video at all, so you don’t need to waste your time looking for anything.

This is Normani performing the song ‘Waves’ live at Rogers Arena, Vancouver, BC on April 27th, 2019, during the Sweetener World Tour.


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