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Three day zodiac Wilderness tour, Vancouver Island, Canada 2011

Three day wilderness tour by zodiac in the Northern part of Vancouver Island, Canada in 2011. With Ocean Rose Coastal Adventures we had three amazing days viewing the wildlife in an amazing scenery.

Day 1 whale watching: humpback whales, minky whales and several orca’s close to the boat. Highlight besides the orca’s was a humback whale breaching next to the zodiac, a moment I will never forget. On day 2 we explored several islands, visit an old native village and did a hike to visit Orcalab with an amazing view on the Johnstone Strait.. listening to the orca’s sing! Day 3 we went into the famous Knight Inlet to Gendale Cove to watch several grizzly bears from close distance. Camping on an Island, beautiful scenery, amazing wildlife.. trip of a lifetime! Just be careful of low flying whales 🙂


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