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Enjoy World Class Winery Tours in the Yarra Valley

Victoria's Yarra Valley is home to some of the most exclusive wineries in the world. The low yielding vineyards here produce a range of superb wines that have admirers all over the world. This lush valley is also known for its beautiful landscapes. The abundance of regional produce available here in addition to premium wines from very distinct vineyards makes winery tours very popular with tourists who come to this part of Australia.

The cool climate of the Yarra Valley makes it a very good place to grow a variety of grapes needed to make the wines this place is justifiably famous for. Wines of all types are created here, including table, dessert and sparkling wines. Some wine making establishments here make a very good premium sparkling wine by the methode champenoise. This verdant part of Australia also has many farms, some of which manufacture cheeses that are also popular with connoisseurs.

People who have an appreciation for fine wine and food love taking winery tours because they are not just educational activities. They are more than just a tour of vineyards because they aim to stimulate all the senses. You can certainly learn a lot about the process of making wine when you visit various wine making facilities. However, you can also indulge yourself in wine tasting sessions in which you can try out a variety of wines along with superbly crafted cheeses bursting with flavor. You can also visit a cheese making facility in order to find out how it is made.

There are quite a few world class restaurants here, where you can indulge in gourmet cuisine. The wine making facilities are set in beautiful gardens and you can soak in the beauty, simply wandering about, after you have completed the tour of the facilities. Most people do not return empty handed after a visit to this valley, and come back with shopping bags filled with wine and local produce.

The Yarra Valley is extremely easy to get to, and this is another reason why it is immensely popular with tourists. It is just an hour's drive away from Melbourne, and there are many guided tours of this region available to tourists. These tours are available in different price ranges depending on what is on offer. The most exclusive tours are very strict about the number of people that they will take on each tour. They also arrange for private tastings and barrel tastings that are not available to people who go on regular tours.

There are so many winery tours in the Yarra Valley to choose from that you can easily find what you are looking for. The organizers are usually very flexible because there is great emphasis on customer satisfaction. For instance, you could tell them about any special requirements or food restrictions you have and they will ensure that your needs are taken care of. You should definitely plan a trip to this valley if you are on vacation to Melbourne because this place is guaranteed to make your overall experience memorable.

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