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Bebe Rexha – I'm A Mess (Happiness Begins Tour, Vancouver)

Ok…Bebe Rexha is a pure, all-out, legend and queen…already! She was someone I have wanted to meet for ages and not only did she NOT disappoint, she gave probably the best fan M&G experience I have ever done, (and I’ve done a decent amount now.) That’s not to say that others weren’t really good, or special, because many of them were, but Bebe totally went the extra mile with the small number of us and just sitting there beside her for around 40 minutes in her tiny dressing room, listening to new music she is working on, (she played 5 tracks!) and chatting with her a bit about her music, then having her actually Facetime people with us was absolutely awesome! It would have been hilarious if the head of her record label had picked up, but it shows how much she truly does appreciate her fans and what they think. I hope she stays that why forever, because not only does she not need to change IN ANY WAY, (she is absolutely GORGEOUS and SEXY in person!!!) her attitude reveals that her heart lies in making music for true fans, which is partly what makes her so relatable and incredible. I can’t wait for her headlining tour, which I hope is sooner rather than later, and that she continues to be as giving and intimate with her fans as she was with us. Rock on Bebe!

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This is Bebe Rexha performing ‘I’m A Mess’ live at Rogers Arena, Vancouver, BC on October 11th, 2019, giving a steller opening to the Jonas Brothers Happiness Begins Tour!


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