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Lorde – The Louvre (Melodrama World Tour, Vancouver)

Due to people using my footage without asking permission first, I finally decided to place a watermark on the last 2 uploads. I really didn’t want to and was trying my best to avoid it, but ultimately it seems I have no choice. If people asked me to display my footage before using it, gave me credit and linked to my site, I would probably agree to it, but that hasn’t been happening.
*End Note*

Before anyone says anything, the ‘still’ portion of the footage is intact in the original recording, however, the fan caught her dress and blew it up. Although she wasn’t naked, (she had on the same bottoms she had on throughout the rest of the concert,) it was still more revealing than I thought might be appropriate considering and I felt uncomfortable releasing it. If she were to eventually view the footage, I wouldn’t want her to be displeased over that, so instead of blacking out those few seconds or trying to blur them, (which were options I considered,) I figured it was better to just run a still over that tiny section, while the audio played. It may not be what everyone would like, but it was either that or I not post it at all. It is only 3 seconds at least!

This song gave a little bit of everything and I must admit I was wildly shocked when they actually threw her up into the air! Something like that can be pretty risky and luckily it turned out perfect.

This is Lorde performing her song ‘The Louvre’ at Rogers Arena, Vancouver, BC on March 8th, 2018, during her Melodrama World Tour.


(All my concert footage I personally recorded and am only uploading to promote the artists in question. I am not doing it for monetary gain and claim no copyright on the content of the recordings. If you own the rights to the media used in the video and have a problem with it being uploaded on my channel, please contact me through YouTube, E-Mail, or Twitter.)


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