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Ariana Grande – Dangerous Woman (Sweetener World Tour, Vancouver)

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This video took a TON of editing, as she was essentially a red blob in the original footage. (You could tell it was her, but because the lighting was SO harsh, she just radiated red to the point where it was very distracting.) Due to the absolutely mind-blowing vocal performance she gave for this song, (which I think was probably overall the best of the night, and even the smile on her face at the very end as she finishes shows the joy she got from that ultra-powerful rendition,) I decided to spend quite a bit of time working on it, trying to achieve the highest-quality video I could. Although it still isn’t the best by any stretch, at least she looks human in the footage and there is some hint of skin-tone that isn’t fire-red. I really wish I could have done better, but the only downside to her concert was the fact that the lighting is terrible for anything that isn’t a professional camera, set up to deal with those harsh conditions.

This is Ariana Grande performing her song ‘Dangerous Woman’ live at Rogers Arena, Vancouver, BC on April 27th, 2019, during the Sweetener World Tour.


(All my concert footage I personally recorded and am only uploading to promote the artists in question. I am not doing it for monetary gain and claim no copyright on the content of the recordings. If you own the rights to the media used in the video and have a problem with it being uploaded on my channel, please contact me through YouTube, E-Mail, or Twitter.)


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