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Ariana Grande – Fake Smile (Sweetener World Tour, Vancouver)

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This song was an absolute nightmare to try and get to a decent enough level that I felt worth releasing. The lighting was extremely harsh throughout most of the concert, which is pretty much impossible for me to do too much about, and ultimately some of the stuff came out darker than I would have liked, mostly because I was trying to keep the quality as high as possible. There is always a trade-off between quality and how bright a dark scene will appear since on a fixed aperture, you have to either alter the shutter speed or the ISO. The real problem was the audio however, as the audio sounded decent in the original recording, but after I edited the video and re-encoded, for some reason I was getting pops and clicks in the audio. After a whole bunch of trial and error, I eventually had to try and cut and use the original audio with the new video, which took some time, but it should be good now at least.

This is Ariana Grande performing her song ‘Fake Smile’ live at Rogers Arena, Vancouver, BC on April 27th, 2019, during the Sweetener World Tour.


(All my concert footage I personally recorded and am only uploading to promote the artists in question. I am not doing it for monetary gain and claim no copyright on the content of the recordings. If you own the rights to the media used in the video and have a problem with it being uploaded on my channel, please contact me through YouTube, E-Mail, or Twitter.)


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